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Ingrid Struman

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Ingrid Struman is PI of the Laboratory of Molecular Angiogenesis in the GIGA research center (ULg, Liège). She holds a position of Maître de recherche at the FNRS. She is a biochemist and complted her PhD at the University of Liege (ULiege, Belgium). She has a longstanding experience in the field of angiogenesis. She performed her PhD on the identification of regulators of angiogenesis that belong to the prolactin/growth hormone family (Struman et al.,  PNAS,1999) and more precisely of the 16-kDa N-terminal fragment of prolactin (16K prolactin). In 2007, she initiated a new project aimed at identifying and characterizing microRNAs involved in angiogenesis. Two of her studies (i.e. miR146a in PPCM (Halkein et al., J. Clin. Invest.  2013) and miR-503 in tumoral angiogenesis (Bovy et al.,Oncotarget 2015) highlighted a novel mechanism of cell communication via exosomal exchange of microRNA. The PPCM paper was pioneer in the field since it was one of the first demonstrations that this mechanism is involved in the etiology of a disease and was highlighted in J. Clin. Invest. Over the years the Lab of Ingrid Struman acquired experience in RNA (small and long RNA) profiling in exosomes. She is interested in deciphering cell communication mechanisms occurring via the exchange small/long RNA of extracellular vesicle. In parallel with basic research, she is also involved in several projects in collaboration with the clinics aiming to identify RNA/Exosomes biomarkers in breast cancer, pancreas cancer, pulmonary fibrosis…

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